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"More than automation"


Launched in 1992 by the founding partners of Automatismi Benincà, CAB immediately stood out for its high level of specialisation. Its product range has been expanded over the years and now comprises four different lines: shutter motors, hydraulic actuators for swing gates and motors for awnings, shutters, windows and vasistas.

The plant in Velo D’Astico (Vicenza, Italy) is where products take form. The design phase takes place in the Benincà Group R&D Department while the product is tested, validated and put into production at CAB. The concept of ‘Made in Italy’ is therefore also one of the cornerstones of this company, an indisputable strength, a factor that can make the difference together with the quality of the components.

During these years, CAB has achieved significant results and much has also been done in terms of corporate image. The pay-off “More Than Automation” not only conveys the commitment to working for dedicated segments, it also emphasises the importance of the product in more general terms.

The promise contained in the pay-off subtly conveys the values that the company brings to the world through its products: passion, innovation and Italian-made quality.



"When we install a CAB product we can simply forget that we have done it. It is reliable and known for its high-quality components; it lasts over time. CAB in a word? One word is not enough. There’s a whole world behind CAB products."



"The group’s presence has reinforced our relationship with Benincà over these years. Thanks to the team they have built, they offer not only high-quality products, but good customer service too, as well as constant training support for us. If you were to describe them with one word? Excellence and development. They are excellent in what they do and they never stop looking for solutions which let you look beyond, to the future.”



"We’ve known Cab since 2008 and we have always considered it to be a company with high-quality products. Ours is a market where shutter motors are very common, and where power, reliability and the warrantee are key factors when choosing a security closure.
If you were to describe CAB products with one word?
It certainly is the automation pit bull in Morocco.”




"Another challenge in our market is having a variety of offerings every day, including shutter motors and other things. We build doors, windows and closures in general, and we need to have different products for different needs. Having one single contact is key, however, and thanks to the Benincà Group all this is possible. We offer all-around service with a wide range of solutions. If I were to describe CAB products, I could certainly say that they are synonymous with quality, robustness and design."



"Our company has existed since 2011, and we have been familiar with the group and products of the CAB company for 8 years. Our business is made up of industrial closures, doors and shutters, and so we work a great deal with the SUPERBE line. If you were to describe a CAB motor? simply perfect."



"We have been selling CAB products for 15 years, and we can say that in all these years the aspects which make the product so highly appreciated are surely the electronic and mechanical quality, and their design. Every day we work with closure solutions, and we do a large part of our business with CAB. CAB is simply our life." Via della Tecnica, 10 Z.I. - 36010 - Velo D'Astico (Vicenza) ITALY +39 0445 741215 +39 0445 742094