up to 5 m.
Complete technical sheet


​HD.50 - Hydraulic operator for gates up to 5 m - No blocks (reversible).
HD.50C - Irreversible hydraulic operator with rear and front joint for gates up to 5 m with closing blocks.
HD.50AC - Irreversible hydraulic operator with rear and front joint for gatesb up to 5 m with opening and closing blocks.
HD.50SA - Irreversible hydraulic operator or gates up to 5 m with automatic release (easy reversibility).
HD.50V - Irreversible hydraulic operator or gates up to 5 m, quick version without blocks (reversible).
HD.50VAC - Irreversible hydraulic operator or gates up to 5 m​, quick version with opening and closing blocks (non-reversible).


Easy reversibility (SA version)
With the automatic release (SA) version of the HYDRO models, the gate can be moved with no effort when the motor is stopped. Unlike the reversible models (non SA), because of the special automatic release system, when the operator is stopped, the gate can be opened and moved extremely easily, without having to exert any pressure. The electric lock must be used.

  • Reliability and high-quality materials

    Chrome-plated steel shaft and anodised aluminium profiles ensure maximum resistance to atmospheric agents. Brass bypass valves are used for greater regulation, ensuring maximum crush-resistance.
  • Very easy to install and maintain

    The terminal boards built into the oil cap make installation faster and easier. It is also easy to replace the power cable and control the oil level even when the operator is already installed.
  • Perfect stroke adjustment

    The adjustable front spherical joint enables perfect adjustment of the stroke, the ideal solution for systems on gates that are not perfectly aligned.
  • Self-alignment

    The rear pivot joint makes installation easier, making up for any lack of alignment of the gate.
  • Safe and smooth manoeuvring

    The adjustable hydraulic slowdown in the closing phase ensures silent and very smooth manoeuvring. Avoiding strong impacts against the mechanical stops also reduces the risk of breakages.
  • Top performance

    The new electric motor ensures excellent performance, greater thrust and even more intensive use.
  • Personalised key-operated release

  • Bio Oil

    The very viscous oil ensures excellent performance even in low temperatures, reducing component wear to a minimum.
Hydraulic slow-down in closing phase IP 55
No blocks (reversible) HD.50
Block in closing phase HD.50C
Blocks in opening and closing phases (non-reversible) HD.50AC
Automatic release (easy reversibility) HD.50SA
Quick version with no blocks (reversible) HD.50V
Quick version with blocks in opening and closing phases (non-reversible) HD.50VAC
Max absorbed current 1,1 A
Absorbed power 250 W
Motor supply 230 Vac 50/60 Hz
Pump flow rate 0.75 l/min
Max. oil pressure 33 bar
Maximum thrust 5000 N
Capacitor 10 μF
Stroke length 390 mm
Shaft speed 1 cm/s
Ram shaft diameter 20 mm
Hydraulic slow-down In closing
Joints Front and rear
Thermal protection 150 °C
Operating temperature -20 °C ÷ + 50 °C
Protection rating IP55
Operating cycle INTENSIVE USE
Maximum leaf length 5.0 m
Maximum leaf weight 500 Kg


Internal mechanical stop in opening and closing for HD.50.


Counterplate suitable for the installation on columns made of stones.


12 Vdc vertical electric lock.


230 Vac vertical electric lock.


Extended cylinder for E.LOCK electric lock.


Biodegradable hydraulic oil. 2-litre container.


230 Vac Control Panel.


230 Vac Control Panel.


230 Vac Control Panel.

Technical drawing HD.50
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  • Reliability and high-quality materials

    Reliability and high-quality materials

  • Very easy to install and maintain

    Very easy to install and maintain

  • Perfect stroke adjustment

    Perfect stroke adjustment

  • Self-alignment


  • Safe and smooth manoeuvring

    Safe and smooth manoeuvring

  • Top performance

    Top performance

  • Personalised key-operated release

    Personalised key-operated release

  • Bio Oil

    Bio Oil

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