up to 320 kg.
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SR2.76 - Electromechanical operator with two motors and aluminum crown gear for the automation of balanced rolling shutters up to 320 kg.
SR2.76E - Version SR2.76 with electric brake SRE.X2.
SR2.76EC - Version SR2.76 with electric brake SRE.X2 and cable (4m).

  • Quick installation in three steps

    Designed for roller shutter manufacturers, it can be installed easily in just a few steps. To install SUPERBE, just make a hole through the shutter tube, insert the motor in the tube and then fasten it.
  • Self-learning of limit switch positions

    The new limit switch, with quick connections and integrated electric brake power supply, enables automatic adjustment during the opening and closing phases.
  • Consolidated design choices

    Robust and resistant thanks to the metal ball bearings.
Base SR2.76
Including electric brake SR2.76E
Including electric brake and 4-m cable SR2.76EC
Max absorbed current 5.4 A
Absorbed power 1018 W / 1048 with SRE.X2
Motor supply 230 Vac 50/60 Hz
Maximum torque 377 Nm
Capacitor 16+16 μF
Max roller shutter stroke 8 m
Opening speed with no load 8.4 r.p.m.
Limit switch Automatic
Operating temperature -20 °C ÷ + 50 °C
Protection rating IPX0
Electric motor insulation class F
Max roller shutter surface area 32 mq
Max balanced roller shutter weight 320 kg
Roller shutter axis diameter 76 mm
Pulley diameter 240 mm
Lubrication Grease
Weight 8 kg


Electric brake for SR2.60 and SR.2.76.


Cable 4 m.


Manual and electric controller.


Key for BL.BS.


230 Vac Control Panel.


Dead man control panel.


230 Vac Control Panel.

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  • Quick installation in three steps

    Quick installation in three steps

  • Self-learning of limit switch positions

    Self-learning of limit switch positions

  • Consolidated design choices

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