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Doors, windows and shutters, the story of entrepreneurship in Cameroon

At work, like in life, we try to be around people who share similar values with us. As people we look for stories we can identify with...


All the security and innovation of the new CAB transmitters

System security is a priority for the Benincà group. We have chosen to introduce on the market code technology which guarantees the highest level of security...


An automation “pit bull” for rolling shutters in Morocco

The business of industrial and residential closures is always searching for solutions which can guarantee continually heightened quality standards, ensuring security and protection...


Meryeme and Imene Ayadi told us some more about CAB

In Algeria there is another story of entrepreneurship and family...


The new HYDRO hydraulic motor up to 8 meters

The most powerful on the market in its category.


THUMB.32 is the new 32-channel CAB transmitter

Ideal for controlling multiple automated systems such as rolling shutters, blinds and automated garden devices. Via della Tecnica, 10 Z.I. - 36010 - Velo D'Astico (Vicenza) ITALY +39 0445 741215 +39 0445 742094